I've been zeitgeisty lately


I wonder if the trend of being trendy will continue? I also am prompted to think about how much the ideas that feel original or appealingly counternormative to me are just ‘in the air.’

  1. This one I will explain. I got the J&J shot in April 2021. When I got back to NY in August from traveling, I was worried about breakout cases. The fact that I got one dose in the first place rather than two seems to have been an artifact of clinical trial design considerations, and a desire to go to market faster, rather than something cognizably scientific; we often see that boosters provide immunogenic response; and, contra one of the dumbest things I’ve read in a newspaper, I think we can indeed make generalizations between vaccines. So I got a second; I felt no compunction about lying when they asked me if I had been vaccinated already. I also can’t see a way in which my declining a shot would have led to some more deserving person getting hers faster. (It’s a lot more likely, I think, that the marginal dose would just go in the trash.)↩︎